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Natasha has had an interest since childhood to be an actress.  As a child, she used to entertain her family dancing and putting on shows.  She was always the one organizing the show. 

Natasha is enamored with the entire process of filmmaking.  Upon moving to Los Angeles she has worked on several films and honored to have been directed by award winning directors, such as, Ed Banuel in The Last Adam, Shandra McDonald in Can’t Let Go, Barry Bowles in Chatroom, and Don Jackson in Blade Sisters. She has also starred in hit shows such as Third Watch, ER and CSI.

She most recently trained at both Lesly Kahn Studios and Howard Fine Studios. 

In addition to her acting achievements, there are several skills that enrich her repertoire.   She has been the entertainment columnist for the Houston Sun.  She has written a children’s book “The Adventures of Jordan”, two films “Country Love” and “The Clarinet”, a one woman show “Evolution of a Love Addict”, and a book of poems with the same title.  She also produced the film, “Can’t Let Go” that received film festival recognition along with being televised nationwide on major networks.  Her most recent film projects are the very controversial “Tired Black Man”, and “Deadbeat Dads”.

She has done all this while being a single mother to one of the most gifted kids she knows, J.D. Phillips, who is now attending Carnegie Mellon University.